By now I’m sure you know all the great things live chat can do for your website. From increased sales, to effective reporting and more, the advantages are limitless.

However, if you are still undecided whether live chat software is right for your business, take a look at these four areas that not having live chat is actually costing your business.

  • Customer Service Efficiency:Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of live chat is the efficient nature of it. Where one salesperson or customer service representative can only handle one phone call at a time, the same person can handle a multitude of live chat interactions at one time.
  • By using the resources currently available to maximize the amount of engagements that can take place at one time, customers are happier and your staff is more effective.
  • Control Over Your Conversion FunnelEvery site has a conversion funnel, no matter if the end goal is transaction, interaction or submission. No matter the funnel, one of the biggest challenges is trying to prevent abandonment.
  • Live chat just might be your answer. With live chat, you can proactively engage with users at any point within your conversion funnel, helping meet their needs and guide them down the right path.
  • Online Customer DelightUser experience is directly linked with satisfaction level. A poor user experience can leave visitors feeling dissatisfied and looking elsewhere to have their needs met.
  • With live chat software, instead of customers becoming confused, distraught and dissatisfied, live chat agents are present to answer questions and meet the needs of users, leading to an increase in customer delight.
  • Competitive DifferentiationHow many of your competitors are using live chat? Businesses can use live chat software to their advantage, providing a different experience than that of their competitors.
  • By creating competitive differentiation in the market place, you effectively set yourself apart from other providers and position yourself as a leader in your space.