Third Party Integration With Live Chat: The Must Have’s

May 7, 2014

Live chat is a powerful stand alone software capable of boosting  conversions and improving a customers overall experience.  With that in mind, third party integration with live chat is an absolute must for anyone looking to get the most out of their chat software. From CRM’s and ticketing systems, to analytics and help desk software, the more integration the better.

CRM Integration With Live Chat

Getting live chat and your CRM to work together is a beautiful thing. Each and every user your operators come into contact with has the potential to become a lead. By integrating your live chat software with your CRM, data can be transferred between the two quickly and easily to make sure your sales team gets every single lead sent into their queue.  If your not taking advantage of this feature your truly missing out! Gartner estimates that 42% of CRM related software licenses are never implemented, don’t be a Gartner statistic, integrate your third party software with live chat and reap the benefits.

Any quality live chat software facilitates simple integration with third party CRM’s such as Salesforce, Netsuite, SugarCRM, Zoho, and many more.

Integrate Google Analytics With Live Chat

Integrating Google Analytics with live chat is another must have feature. With Google Analytics installed, you can get superior insight into the way your users are engaging with your operators. By utilizing Google Analytics Custom Event Tracking you can track:

  • Messages left when operators were unavailable (after hours, too busy)
  • Track clicks which expand the chat widget
  • Track clicks that reject or accept chat invitation pop ups
  • Chats by operator
  • Track post or pre chat surveys

Google Analytics custom event tracking gives you the ability to track just about anything you could ever imagine. Instead of guessing or making assumptions about how your live chat software is performing, or how your operators are doing, utilize this integration to get hard data, make better decisions and stop guessing.


Ecommerce and Live Chat Integration

The power of live chat for E-commerce has been well documented.  Provide your shoppers with direct support by answering their questions and helping them find what they’re looking for  in real time. By adding Live chat to your e-commerce store you can boost sales, cut down on customer support expenses, and reduce online shopping cart abandonment.

Magento and ASP.Net Storefront are a few of the most common e-commerce platforms around.


Integrate Help Desk Software With Live Chat

Help desk software, like kayako or ZenDesk, are ticket management systems that gives businesses the ability to centralize all customer conversations.  Instead of having to check Facebook, Twitter, Email, and voicemail, operators can log into their help desk software and avoid the headache.

From a live chat perspective, integrating help desk software makes it easy for chat operators to view ticket information and update the ticket information all within the live chat interface.


Written by Jeff Mason | Jeff Mason is vice president of marketing at Velaro, where he oversees the company's entire marketing function. Previously, he served as vice president of marketing at Social Solutions and co-founded Artifact Software. He was also vice president of corporate communications and marketing at Sequoia Software.