Want To Sell More? Dumb question right? Well according to Forrester Research online chat software increases online sales conversions and average order size. So if you need an edge against the competition Velaro can help.

Have Limited Resources? Did you know that with online chat software you can interact with multiple website visitors simultaneously? If you’re resource constrained and need to do more with what you have – online chat software is just what the doctor ordered.

Velaro's live chat service helps small businesses interact with customers.

Keeping it Simple. Velaro is a completely hosted software-as-a-service which means no software to maintain, no updates to install, no plug-ins required. All you need is a browser and an Internet connection. And, if you don’t know how to open a browser, no worries. Our support team will gladly walk you through it. More ›

Flexible & Adaptable. If you’re like most, when you start using live chat you are different then after you have used it for a year or two. As you grow you will need a chat vendor that can accommodate your evolving technology needs. With Velaro you can start simple and “adjust” later to leverage more sophisticated functionality. More ›

We're Helpful. Yes, we have some clients who want to leverage online chat software but can barely open a browser – and that’s ok. Our success management team is there to help no matter what your technical capability. Velaro’s success management team transforms newbies into online ecommerce experts. More ›