Determine the value and efficiency of live chat with real-time monitoring and powerful security options such as IP address blocking and role-based permissions. Velaro’s software also allows you to manage your live chat agents’ schedules and review their performance at a glance with dashboards.

Real-Time Activity Dashboard
Easily monitor the key performance indicators of your organization's chat activity from an easy to understand dashboard.
Multi-Site Agent Management
Quickly assess the performance of your chat agents across all of your website properties.
Agent Availability & Scheduling
At a glance see which agents are engaged with a customer and how long they have been engaged.
Chat Supervision & Transfer
In real-time, monitor which agents are chatting and view the chat conversation as it happens.
Role Base Security
Assign different roles and related rights to various members of your organization.
Enterprise Security Management
Peace of mind through state of the art physical, network, server, application and data security. Chats are hosted in an SAS-70 Type II data center and our architecture is fully redundant with fail-over capabilities.
IP Address Blocking
Block chats from specific IP addresses that are inappropriate or fraudulent to prevent such chats from tying up chat agent time and rendering them unavailable to address the needs of valid clients.

Full Feature List


Download our full feature list for detailed information including: chat features, monitoring & engagement, workflow & routing, customization & integrations, reporting, and security.