Velaro’s live chat integration with popular CRMs, analytics, and ecommerce products ensures that your live chat is being leveraged appropriately and efficiently. Data is shared seamlessly so you can discover how live chat is impacting your business without having to navigate between multiple platforms.

The seamless integration between our live chat solutions and popular CRMs improves efficiency.
Seamless integration with Salesforce, Netsuite, and SugarCRM gives chat agents the ability to access and update customer records in the CRM system without leaving the chat agent interface.
Google Analytics
Our live help software integrates with Google Analytics to give you valuable information about customers.
Track your live chat engagement from within Google Analytics.
Integration with Zendesk makes it easy for chat agents to access support ticket information and update support tickets from within the chat agent interface.
Get Satisfaction
Enables website visitors to easily access the Get Satisfaction knowledge-base before a live chat begins as well as during the chat. Also provides Chat Agents with access to the knowledge-base to best assist site visitors.
Seamless integration with ecommerce applications like Magento and ASO.Net Storefront allow for live chats to be conducted directly from the online shopping cart.
Open Access
Velaro provides a variety of ways in which to share data with other applications. This includes Variable Passing, Automated Data Exchange, and API access.
With Avaya integration, phone calls and chats can be intelligently routed based on a support agent’s availability. For instance, an agent will not receive a chat while on a phone call and likewise, phone calls will not route to an agent engaged in a chat.

Full Feature List


Download our full feature list for detailed information including: chat features, monitoring & engagement, workflow & routing, customization & integrations, reporting, and security.