Interact with your potential customers by offering valuable live help. You can quickly review their recent activity and direct them to the appropriate department in a timely manner, boosting satisfaction while reducing wait times. Learn more about your visitors with pre and post chat surveys as well as Net Promoter Score capabilities, all available through a single live chat solution.

Real-Time Visitor Monitoring
With our live help software you can view information about your visitors in real time.
Better target and assist your site visitors by accessing real-time information about their referring URL, keyword search, and length of time on a page and more.
Pre and Post Chat Surveys
Use pre and post chat surveys to better serve your site visitors.
Net Promoter Score
Built-in Net Promoter Score (NPS) support allows you to leverage a key metric that a broad spectrum of high-performing organizations use to manage customer satisfaction levels and the willingness of their client to refer others to your organization.
Intelligent Routing
Use department and skills based routing and automated chat distribution to ensure that you optimize customer and prospect interactions most efficiently.
Pre-Made & Personal Messages
Help agents avoid answering the same question multiple times. Chat Agents can create a library of canned responses from within their agent desktop. This increases overall efficiency and ensures consistent outbound communication.
Google Translate
Communicate with those who don’t speak your language – without learning the language. Our integration with Google Translate makes this effortless.

Full Feature List


Download our full feature list for detailed information including: chat features, monitoring & engagement, workflow & routing, customization & integrations, reporting, and security.