Customer Service & The Business Live Chat King

July 30, 2014


Recently, a survey conducted by the Harris Poll found that poor customer service costs Americans $108 billion a year.  An example of the poor customer service leading to this whopping cost is one we all know too well.  You know, the one where you are placed on hold and forced to listen to some lame music – or better – when you have to endure listing to a recording try to sell you something you don’t care about.

The survey revealed that Americans reported wasting more than 30 hours per year waiting for a customer service response.  Although we all sort of know this and have discussed these issues before seeing these numbers makes it hit home just a little harder.

From the survey results we also learned that one-third have cancelled their service with the vendor due to poor service and that what bothers customers the most is waiting on hold for help.  Remember, the ability for a customer to move to a competitor is becoming easier.  In most cases it can be done with a couple of clicks of a button.

Interestingly enough, a customer service benchmark report recently conducted by eDigital Research found that business live chat is the most satisfying modality for customer engagement.  In fact, 73% of those included in the study reported that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their live chat experience.

This all makes total sense.  We live in an on-demand world and online patience is waning.  We want what we want and we want it NOW!  Implementing a live chat application on your website is the perfect way to address the customer service concerns highlighted by the Harris Poll and give your customer what they want – when they want it.

So, although live chat software has been around for many years, maybe now we are beginning to see the rise of the online communication king.  All hail live chat!

Oh, one thing, if you think you can just put a live chat button on your website and you’re good to go –  you are making a big mistake.  For tips on how to properly train a live chat agent check out this short video and accompanying PDF.





Written by Jeff Mason | Jeff Mason is vice president of marketing at Velaro, where he oversees the company's entire marketing function. Previously, he served as vice president of marketing at Social Solutions and co-founded Artifact Software. He was also vice president of corporate communications and marketing at Sequoia Software.