Microsoft Dynamics is a worldwide leader in software, services and internet technologies for personal and business computing. Our integration with the company’s CRM tool is the best in the industry. It enables businesses to search and create records instantly while in a live chat.

Angel is a leading provider of enterprise-focused IVR and call center technology. Our partnership stemmed from the need for these two solutions to connect and integrate with one another in a call center environment.

Get Satisfaction is the only social, knowledge-based solution that encourages customers to share feedback with one another and an organization. We created an integration that empowers both the social community and chat solution to work together while keeping the customer in mind.

IgnitionOne is a revolutionary in the field of digital marketing and the online marketing technology landscape. Our integration combines the power of marketing optimization technology and the need toconnect with website visitors via live chat.

IBM is a multinational technology and consulting corporation that specializes in both hardware and software components. Our partnership leverages IBM’s remote desktop product right from our chat tool to take chat to the next level.

Google provides agile technology for personal and business use. We integrated with two of Google’s products—Google Analytics and Google Translate—to help you get the most out of your live chat experience.

Net Suite is the world’s leading provider of cloud-based business management software. The integration created with Net Suite’s CRM tool gives agents the ability to search and create records while giving them a 360 degree view of site visitors.

Salesforce is an enterprise cloud computing company that provides software-as-a-service business solutions for sales and customer service. This integration allows Salesforce customers to access the CRM tool right from the chat window.

SugarCRM is an affordable and easy way to use customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. Provide customers with the power to operate both solutions in the same window or desktop by giving them full functionality of the two tools.

CMD Outsourcing Solutions is an industry leader in call center staffing for universities and higher education organizations. Our integration turns their call center into a contact center by allowing agents toanswer both phone calls and live chats simultaneously.

ListRak, the email experts with the solutions, services and software, optimizes email marketing. Our integration leverages the chat system and specific emails to engage visitors visiting your website.

ASPDotNetStoreFront has everything you need to create an e-commerce website. This integration enables you to access your ASPDotNetStoreFront account and chat with visitors simultaneously.

Various Things Live brings your ideas to life using innovative design and a fully integrated production studio. Create a custom website to target your audience with this dynamic integration.

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