Workflow & Routing

Agent Availability

Balance incoming chats and distribute them to the appropriate agents.

Allow visitors to choose which department they want to chat with or have them automatically allocated to available agents. You can also determine the maximum number of chat conversations each agent can support.

Assist your visitors even when agents are unavailable

When all agents are busy or a chat is rejected, visitors can be directed to the “Not Here” contact form. If an agent is unavailable or wants to view the visitor’s pre-chat survey information before chatting, visitors are placed in a holding queue until an agent is available.

Support Tiers

Organize incoming chats with support tiers.

Velaro allows you to set up to 15 agent support tiers so that certain groups of agents receive chats before others. Agents in the second tier will not receive chats until all agents in the first support tier are busy to ensure chats are routed appropriately.
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