Call Center Quality

Make better decisions for your business.

Gain insight into your business’ activity and productivity. From marketing to customer service, our quality reporting tool gives you the information you need to make the right decisions and enhance the website experience for your visitors.

Conversion Tracking

Use our progression analytics to track visitor conversion paths on your site.

By identifying which paths lead to higher conversions—and those that don’t—you can align your strategy based on reported data. Our tracking tool allows you to see which sections of your website a visitor browsed, which similar products they viewed before making a final selection and if the transaction was effected by a promotion or sale.


Keep track of your chats with transcript reports.

Our chat transcript report allows you to search and compile a list of all your chat transcripts, view specific details about each transcript and filter transcript reports by department, date, range, agent and keywords. You can also save and email transcripts to specific locations once a chat has been completed.

Account Utilization

View non-agent specific statistics and trends with account utilization.

Use this report to track the utilization, effectiveness and statistical data related to your chat system, including total chats, missed chats, abandonment rates and average chat and queue times. You can also analyze results for specific time periods of each day, week, month or year.

Service Levels

Evaluate service levels by monitoring chat activity.

Service level reports allow you to view a list of all the times a chat request was made or missed and when a chat successfully took place. Using this information, you can calculate your service level based on the time you determine your company should engage customers in a chat.

Customer Satisfaction

Gain post-chat insight into customer satisfaction.

Gain post-chat insight into customer satisfaction.
Our customer satisfaction report allows you to see how your visitors are filling out post-chat surveys so you can gather additional feedback and information from your customers. We provide default surveys and give you the flexibility to create your own.

Web Analytics

Track hundreds of real-time statistics with integrated analytics.

Analyze keywords for search engine optimization, view trends in website events, set up alerts to prevent fraudulent clicks, and receive email notifications for website activity. You can also view a breakdown of page hits, traffic sources and other detailed visitor information.

Additional Features

Generate more reports with our additional features.

Our missed chat report allows you to view a list of all the times a chat request was made and how an agent responded to that request. You can also monitor agent login activity with our agent login report, which keeps track of when your agents are working, on a break or actively chatting.

All of our reports can be scheduled to run daily, weekly or monthly, and exported in any format for easy sharing.
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