Monitoring & Engagement

Proactive Chat

Provide the right chat at the right time with Proactive Chat

Proactive chat allows agents to send chat invitations to visitors as they navigate through your site. Invitations can be sent manually as they monitor visitor behavior or triggered automatically based on pre-set rules. Proactive chat increases lead generation and sales conversion rates, and improves customer satisfaction by providing answers to critical questions at the right time.

Intelligent Engagement

Get a 360 degree view of your customers

The envy of the industry, our intelligent engagement technology helps agent understand who your visitors are and what what they need before a chat begins. You can also use this information to tailor custom invitations and messages to specific customer segments.

Google Analytics

Gain insight into your business’ activity with Google Analytics.

An integrated default feature, Google Analytics helps you analyze chat interactions, website traffic and marketing effectiveness. When an live chat is prompted, Velaro alerts Google that a chat has occured. That chat can then be traced to determine if the chat was sent using a proactive chat invitation or if it was initiated by a visitor.
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