Frederick Keonig once said, “We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”   We all take things for granted and we – at some point – fail to appreciate what we have.  This just happened to me.  As soon as I realized it, I decided to write this blog.

As I routinely do, I thought I would do some competitive reconnaissance.  As I’m looking at the live chat solutions of some of Velaro’s competitors I begin to realize – and appreciate what we have at Velaro.  As you would expect, we at Velaro “eat our own dog food” and use our live chat software on our website.  I access our live chat application every day.  One of the things that I take for granted is Velaro’s Live Chat Management Dashboard (see screen shot below).  I often refer to this as the “Wall.”


The “Wall” is a great live chat reporting management tool that provides real-time access to almost everything that is happening with your organization’s use of live chat.  It’s sort of like a live Twitter feed where you can see live chat activity as it occurs.  You can watch as chat agents login and logout and when a website visitor requests a chat and when the chat begins.  As the manager/supervisor, you can click into an item at any time and view the pre-chat survey, take a chat that is in the queue, or privately view a chat in progress.

From a management perspective the type of performance visibility that Velaro’s “Wall” provides is priceless.  Without something like this it is very difficult to manage the performance of your live chat team and your implementation of live chat. I didn’t realize how much I value this live chat reporting functionality until I spent time looking at competitive solutions.  If you are serious about increasing customer service productivity, customer satisfaction, and online sales then this is a feature that you can’t take for granted – like I did.