Click-to-Chat: The Opportunity You May Be Missing

May 3, 2011

We recently blogged about how website live chat beats the in-store shopping experience. Obviously, we feel passionately about this since we’ve been a pioneer in the live chat software industry for over a decade. This topic is getting written on and researched more and more though, and we thought we’d also share some news from Deloitte LLP indicating that consumers are getting increasingly disillusioned with the in-store shopping experience.

Deloitte released findings from a recent survey concluding that 54% of consumers believe there are fewer sales people to assist them in brick-and-mortar stores and about a third of respondents (32%) said that stores are running out of stock more frequently.

It seems like there may be an important gap here to bridge.

While consumers still shop in retail stores, the customer experience is deteriorating significantly. As more purchasing power moves online, there is a major opportunity to get ahead of the curve by equipping your customers with the tools they need to replicate the familiarity of the in-store shopping experience and humanize online buying. Adding click-to-chat as a feature to greet and interact with your website visitors does just that by connecting people to other people, like connecting customers and potential customers to sales, support and other professional staff at your website.

When implemented effectively on your site, the personal interaction that click-to-chat brings can very keenly promote customer loyalty and strengthen your brand. This gives you a competitive advantage and keeps your customers coming back time and again.

Written by Jeff Mason | Jeff Mason is vice president of marketing at Velaro, where he oversees the company's entire marketing function. Previously, he served as vice president of marketing at Social Solutions and co-founded Artifact Software. He was also vice president of corporate communications and marketing at Sequoia Software.