3 Tips for Making Your Customers Feel Loved

May 26, 2011

The American Express Global Customer Service Barometer reported last year that 61% of American consumers say superior customer service is ‘more important than ever’. It’s also important to consider that your reputation is always on display via social media, PPC advertising and a bevvy of consumer opinion sites. It is becoming more important than ever… Read More

Improving User Experience with Cobrowsing

May 14, 2011

Recently, I was chatting with one of my colleagues at Velaro about how live chat software helps reduce shopping cart abandonments. One of the most effective features live chat offers to reduce abandonments is called co-browsing which enables an agent to browse along with a visitor, viewing the screen just as the visitor sees it…. Read More

Click-to-Chat: The Opportunity You May Be Missing

May 3, 2011

We recently blogged about how website live chat beats the in-store shopping experience. Obviously, we feel passionately about this since we’ve been a pioneer in the live chat software industry for over a decade. This topic is getting written on and researched more and more though, and we thought we’d also share some news from… Read More